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Wind at our feet, and the spirits in our souls, we are the Hunters. Hunters are about four wolf packs, Moonpack, Sunpack, Starpack, and the spirit's pack Spiritpack. It revolves around three wolves with a big difference from the others and are forced to turn to the lowest rankers of the pack. But these three wolves are worth more than any pack would expect.

This wikia is for Hunters fans and you may post up fanfictions about it, read the actual stories the original Author, and make some articles about the characters in the story, we will also have charart and much, much more!

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  • April 10th- Hunters wikia is open! We got some sweet new Line-art, Our real series is starting, articals are up, and our new Admin is Arti, and our new Rollback is Sunny!
  • April 4th- Hunters Wikia is under contruction

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